Writing a Great Listing – Need a House Sitter

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Writing a Great Listing!

Part two – Need a House Sitter

Whether you are a house sitter, need a house sitter, or want to house swap, you need to make your listing attractive if you want to have other members contact you. This article focusses on writing a listing that will be appeal to potential sitters.

If you need a house sitter you will want to show your home in a good light! Some house sitters might be local to your area, but others will be travellers. Keep this in mind when writing your listing.

About your property

  • Talk about your home and it’s features.
  • Number of beds available/how many people are welcome to stay.
  • Is it family friendly for those with children?
  • WiFi? TV? Washing machine? Air conditioning? Blender? Mention things like this that you think people would like to know.
  • If you live in a rural or regional area you will increase your chance of attracting house sitters by offering use of a vehicle and to collect them from a local airport, bus depot or station. Always check your insurance arrangements, and make sure they have an appropriate licence.

About where you live

  • What are the features of where you live – are you close to the sea? The countryside? A city? Are shops and public transport close?
  • What type of things might a visitor want to see within easy travel of your location?
  • Is vego food available locally – is there a health food shop or bulk food store, restaurants or cafes?


  • What do you need the house sitter to do? While the listing form asks if you need garden care and companion animal care, the description is where you can elaborate.
  • If gardening is required, what amount of work are you expecting the house sitter to do? Lawn mowing? Daily Watering? Weeding?
  • Companion animal care is a key reason why people want a house sitter. Take a sentence or three to introduce your animal friends, by name if you like, with a brief description of their personalities and needs. You can save the fine details for discussion with your chosen sitter.


  • Cat and Dog IndoorsInclude photos of both your home, and any companion animals needing care.
  • You can lead off with either an image of your home, or companion animals, but do include some external and internal images of your home.
  • It is up to you if you want to include an image of yourself. It is not necessary, but may help potential sitters to connect with you.
  • You can upload up to eight images in total.

A Final Note

  • Do upload your listing before you contact house sitters – this way sitters can view it prior to replying to you, they will have a greater understanding of your needs, and be better placed to asses their own interest in the house sit opportunity.
  • We will email all our sitters direct about your listing so that they can choose to contact you, and we will post the listing on our Facebook page and Twitter accounts.

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