Writing a Great Listing – House Swappers

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Writing a Great Listing

Part three – House Swappers

Whether you are a house sitter, need a house sitter, or want to house swap, you need to make your listing attractive if you want to have other members contact you. This article focusses on house swapping and will give you some tips to increase your chances of being contacted by other people who interested in swapping with you.

For a house swap listing you need to sell both yourself and your property well!

About you

  • When you advertise as wanting to house swap you are offering your home as accommodation to strangers, and they are doing the same, so it appropriate to talk a bit about yourself as an introduction.
  • Share a little bit about you and the people who share your home (partner, children), and your hobbies, work, passions. This will help other home owners see if you are a good match for them.
  • Remember that Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap is only for vegans and vegetarians, don’t be shy in talking about this aspect of your life!
  • Why do you want to house swap? Include a sentence about this. Is it to travel? Meet people? Explore new places? Maybe you are wanting to visit relatives? Or simply because you want a new experience?
  • If you have experience house sitting, it would be good to mention it as caring for someone else’s property is relevant here.
  • You may or may not need to do some animal care as a part of a house swap holiday. What experience do you have caring for animals? As you are a vego, we can assume you already have an affinity with non-humans! Detail the different types of animals you have cared for. How confident are you? How do you deal with issues/emergencies? Are you comfortable administering medications? Are you fit and active for looking after boisterous dogs or larger animals, like horses, that may require hay delivered. If you have volunteered at animals shelters or sanctuaries, this is also relevant and you may be able to get a reference.

About your property

  • Talk about your home and it’s features.
  • Number of beds available/how many people are welcome to stay.
  • Is it family friendly for those with children?
  • WiFi? TV? Washing machine? Air conditioning? Blender? Mention things like this that you think people would like to know.
  • Can you offer a vehicle as a part of the swap?

About where you live

Modern town houses of brick and glass on urban street

Modern town houses of brick and glass on urban street

  • What are the features of where you live – are you close to the sea? The countryside? A city? Are shops and public transport close?
  • What type of things might a visitor want to see within easy travel of your location?
  • Is vego food available locally – is there a health food shop or bulk food store, restaurants or cafes?

Where do you want to go?

  • While you will choose locations when filling out your listing form, you can talk more about where you want to go in your listing description. You may want to be more specific here, or perhaps you are interested in hearing about lots of options, more than you could fill out in the form. Here is your chance to explain a bit more.

When do you want to swap?

  • Most people will put ‘negotiable’ for a house swap, but if there are particular times when you are or aren’t available, you can say so in your description, and change it at any time.


  • For a house swap listing you should include photos of both your home, and yourself
  • It is best to lead off with a nice image of your home – external or internal, but whatever you choose make sure it is sharp and attractive.
  • Smile in the photo of you – you need to look friendly!!

If you see a house swap that you are interested in, do tak the initiative and make contact yourself.

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One thought on “Writing a Great Listing – House Swappers

  1. I think these same tips for writing a great house swap listing would work well for selling a house. I especially think that you should talk about what is in the area. Parks, pools, restaurants, and stores. Pretty much anything that you go to regularly or that people might like to go too. Knowing that there is a lot of stuff to do close to a house makes listings more attractive to me.

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