Writing a Great Listing – House Sitters

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Writing a Great Listing

Part one – House Sitters

Whether you are a house sitter, need a house sitter, or want to house swap, you need to make your listing attractive if you want to have other members contact you. This article focusses on House Sitters and will give you some tips to increase your chances of being contacted by people needing a sitter. We will focus on those Needing a House Sitter in part two, and House Swapping in part three, coming soon!

The key is to sell yourself well!


  • Detail any house sitting experience you have.
  • If you have sitting references and a police check, say so.
  • New to house sitting? Do you have any experience looking after a property for friends or family that you can draw on? If you don’t have this experience, particularly if you are young, you may benefit from offering to look after a property for people you know in order to get references. If you have life experience, have had your own animals, and your own property to care for (rental or owned), then you can get started with rental references, or work and personal references.
  • Animal care – talk about your animal care experience. This is vital as it is the reason most people will want a house sitter. As you are a vego, we can assume you already have an affinity with non-humans! Talk about the types of animals you have looked after. How confident are you? How do you deal with issues/emergencies? Are you comfortable administering medications? Are you fit and active for looking after boisterous dogs or larger animals, like horses, that may require hay delivered. If you have volunteered at animal shelters or sanctuaries, this is also relevant and you may be able to get a reference.

About you

  • Share a little bit about you – hobbies, work, passions? This will help home owners see if you are a good fit for them and their home.
  • Remember that Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap is only for vegans and vegetarians, don’t be shy in talking about this aspect of your life!
  • Why do you want to house sit? Include a sentence about this. Is it to travel? Meet people? Explore new places? Save money for your own home? Or simply because you love house sitting?


  • When funds allow we hope to incorporate a calendar for house sitters to fill out, in the meantime, you can update your listing at any time to give details within the description of when you are available, or where you plan to be at any point in time.


  • Smile! You need to look friendly 🙂
  • Include more than one image if you can (up to 8 images)
  • If you have some nice pics of you cuddling a cat or hugging a horse – use them here.

If you see a house sit that you are interested in, do take the initiative and make the contact yourself.

Need a sample to look at?

We haves some pro sitters on our site who know how to write a good listing! Have a look at these for inspiration:

Gavin & Trisha – http://kindredspiritshouse.com/sitters/?sitter=13986

Charlie & Luke – http://kindredspiritshouse.com/sitters/?sitter=14121

Bec & Kate – http://kindredspiritshouse.com/sitters/?sitter=12761

Leigh-Chantelle – http://kindredspiritshouse.com/sitters/?sitter=12743

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