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Joey & Nirali – A couple of friendly, reliable, young vegans from the UK!
Companion animal care experience
Dog, Cat, Cows, Sheep, Goats
Will sit non-vegetarian companion animals
Wish to bring our own companion animal
Vegan / Vegetarian
Willing to do gardening

We are Joey and Nirali, a couple of young people from the UK who have the good fortune of being able to work remotely and are keen to take advantage of that by house-sitting all over the world!

Joey is 27 and Nirali is 26, we both have have Batchelor of Arts degrees in Music (which is where we met, in 2010), and we both work for a major animal rights organisation. Our collective hobbies include anything kitchen-related, rock climbing, reading, natural building, cuddling with companion animals, skydiving, travelling and Netflixing. In the past five years or so, since graduating from university and becoming Adults, we have:

– Spent a year in South America, volunteering with a major music-related community outreach project, building eco-houses, and organising a major national music festival (in Guyana)
– Spent about 2 years living in Metro Manila, Philippines, where we ran a successful gourmet vegan cheese company, working for a major animal rights organisation, and volunteering with a grass-roots stray animal care and spay/neuter project
– Spent about 2 years working remotely for the same organisation, fitting it around travel and family commitments back in the UK. We are currently looking for an opportunity to settle down for a spell, and our hearts are pining for Asia.

In terms of experience working with animals, we both grew up with cats, dogs, rabbits, and snakes, animal who became and still are major parts of our lives; we are completely comfortable and competent in caring for these animals. While living in Manila, we dedicated almost all of our weekends to looking after stray and caged cats and dogs (and a rabbit) in a very poor city neighborhood. This work involved feeding, bathing, and treating stray animals, administering vaccines and worm treatments, and catching feral strays for our TNR project, as well as caring for owned cats and dogs who spent their lives living in cages, by walking, playing, and generally bonding with them. This work involved frequent close contact with aggressive animals, so we quickly learnt how to interpret animal body language and how to deal with a variety of difficult situations, as well as gaining a lot of extremely useful hands-on knowledge about general animal care and medical treatment. In addition to this experience, Joey has spent a lot of time working with on farms with sheep, goats, cattle, pigs, and chickens, is very competent in their general handling, and has also picked up a lot of handy skills and experience in building/machinery maintenance and other farm work.

We are both genuine, reliable people, and although we have not done any house-sitting before, there’s a first time for everyone! We have a sincere respect for other people’s wishes and property, and we always try to live ethically and compassionately, so you can be sure that your home and companions would be well cared-for and in safe hands.

Would like to sit in:

  • Indonesia,
  • Thailand,
  • India,
Preferred length of sit:
Min 1 Weeks

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