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House Sitter

Kamina & Mick – Awesome vegan couple – experienced animal carers – will travel at the drop of a hat!
Companion animal care experience
Dog, Cat, Fish, Goats, Horses
Will sit non-vegetarian companion animals
Wish to bring our own companion animal
Vegan / Vegetarian
Willing to do gardening

We are Mick and Kamina, two freelance writers on a permanent adventure. We have our own home base in Australia but we love to travel any time we can, and prefer to stay in locals’ homes rather than tourist accommodation. In exchange, we’re more than happy to take good care of your home and animals.

Your home:
We appreciate that having strangers in your home (and caring for your precious companions!) is a really big deal. We’re long-term renters who understand the importance of treating our living space with kid gloves to keep landlords happy. Mick loves plants and is happy to take responsibility for watering and caring for your garden. We’re super clean and tidy (Kamina describes herself as ‘house proud’ but has been called ‘anal’). We’re both non-smokers, non drug-takers and moderate drinkers. We’re super private people and assume that you would like privacy too, so we’ll respect your personal belongings and closed doors.

Your animal friends:
We’re both ‘animal people’ who are happy to roll around on the floor and be kissed by your dog, bow to the whims of your cat or even handle a larger animal like a horse with care and confidence. We’re both fit and active and love an excuse to walk a dog. We’re also happy to be entrusted with tasks like administering medication, eyedrops and injections, clipping nails and fur etc as we have experience doing all of this for our own family pets growing up (including dogs, cats, horses and goats). We’ve both dealt with animal emergencies including injuries from fights, tick bites, colic (in horses) and even a cancer diagnosis of an animal in our care while the owner was out of town. We would always contact an owner immediately with any issues and in the event that we couldn’t reach you, would go ahead and take the animal to the vet right away even if we weren’t sure – we err on the side of caution. Happy to feed veg and non-veg food to animals. We’ll always do exactly as you ask us.

Our vegan lifestyle:
We’re both 100%, all in, totally committed vegans with no exceptions. We will never bring animal products of any kind into your home. Mick became vegan about 9 years ago after meeting Kamina. Kamina was raised vegan from birth and runs the website

When we travel, we both love to try new yoga classes, vegan restaurants and local craft beers, so we’d love your recommendations!

Would like to sit in:

  • Australia, Melbourne,
  • Australia, Hobart,
  • Australia, Perth,
  • Italy,
  • Greece,
  • Australia, Gold Coast,
  • Australia, Sunshine Coast,
  • Indonesia,
  • Thailand,
  • Vietnam,
  • United Kingdom, London,
  • United States,
  • Canada,
Preferred length of sit:
Min 1 Weeks

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