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Nicole – Independent, Non-Smoking 30 Year-Old Animal-Loving Female
Companion animal care experience
Dog, Cat, Birds, Sheep, Chickens, Ducks
Will sit non-vegetarian companion animals
Wish to bring our own companion animal
Vegan / Vegetarian
Willing to do gardening


I am a seasoned traveler, and have lived and traveled on my own since I was a teenager. I’m American, but have been based in Berlin, Germany since 2011, where I am now a permanent resident. I also lived in Brighton, England for a year and taught English in Prague, Czech Republic for six months in 2009. Some of my bigger trips have been a 5 month Eurotrip, where I did work exchanges through HelpX, and a three month road trip around the US, while I worked a remote job at a start-up.

I am over my partying days, and am more in a “Let me come home and make myself a nice dinner!” space currently.

I speak both English and German fluently. LGBT and vegan-friendly.


As I am learning to code, picking up client work and running two blogs I tend to spend a lot of time at home. Housesitting allows me to visit different places while also ensuring I have a space to work. When I travel, I also much prefer to experience an area by actually living there, rather than staying at hotels and hostels and hitting all the tourist spots. House sitting gives me the chance to really experience my surroundings as a local, and travel more slowly.

Along with the benefits for me, working from home means I can give plenty of attention to both the property and animals under my care. I also really love animals. My current Berlin life in an apartment doesn’t allow me to have my own pets at the moment, so getting to spend time with others’ pets is a dream!


My neighbors and I in Berlin have a housesitting/pet-sitting exchange, which has included me taking care of their two cats. In the past, I’ve also done housesits I found via classifieds before I knew about Trusted Housesitting. In one, I housesat a cat, dog and a chinchilla.

I also grew up with dogs and birds (parakeets, a cockatoo and cockatiels), as well as hamsters. There was even a summer where I fostered some homeless ducks!

I did a fair bit of WOOFing in my early 20s, which involved taking care of chickens, ducks and goats, doing the daily chores on the property and basic cleaning.

I have also housesat via TrustedHousesitters (happy to share my references there).

If there’s one thing I’m good at, it’s being flexible and adjusting. Living abroad and traveling to many countries I can quickly adapt to new locations and languages and am a quick problem-solver (it’s my project management background!).

I grew up in the suburbs and have lived in many cities, and volunteered and lived in rural areas as well. I really enjoy both city and country and am able to thrive in both.

Taking cute photos of animals is one of my favorite things, so I’m also happy to keep you updated on all the cute things your fur children get up to while you’re away! 🙂

Would like to sit in:

  • United States, Brooklyn,
  • United States, Long Island,
Preferred length of sit:
Min 1 Weeks

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