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– **Animal Adorer** highly skilled & experienced your animals will be in the best hands!
Companion animal care experience
Dog, Cat, Fish, Birds, Cows, Sheep, Pigs, Goats, Horses
Will sit non-vegetarian companion animals
Wish to bring our own companion animal
Vegan / Vegetarian
Willing to do gardening

About me:

I’m Hailie, 32 living in rural Victoria.
I love animals ( a given!) nature, film, photography and reading.

Animal credentials:

I have been in awe of animals my whole life. I have always had an empathic connection with animals. They seem to know this too. I worked for several years at a very reknown animal sanctuary prior to working there I volunteered there living on site and for various animal organisations. I therefore have extensive experience and skills with farm and companion animals. In future I hope to start a pet/house sitting business myself after taking a job some time ago at a kennels/cattery and witnessing appalling conditions this is when I decided on a pet sitting business, to keep animals in the safety and familiarity of their own homes.

I adapt my behavoir to the animals behavoir. I am gentle and soft if the animal is shy, playful if the animal is young and rambunctious! Most importantly I am empathetic to animals needs. You truly could not have a better person looking after your animals 🙂

I am 100% vegan in every aspect I am able to choose. I do however feed my elderly rescue cat meat which I hate but it is necessary for her. I am therefor ok with doing the same for your carnivorous creatures but I draw the line at live animals ( ie. for a snake)
I have listed myself as single as I would primarily be house sitting alone in order to get a break from my home life ha ha! I am perfectly capable of looking after large volumes of animals alone as I did this for a job for many years.
However, I am married and my husband may occasionally like to come with me (work permitting and if our furry baby can visit grandmas!) Of course, this would be discussed with you prior. He is extremely trustworthy and respectful/mature. I can’t say tidy but don’t worry I am super clean to make up for his shortfalls! ( I have also worked as a professional cleaner so your house will be kept clean and tidy) He is a blacksmith/ welder/carpenter and a very talented scrap metal artist so he could be very useful if you have any jobs around the home! He also sharpens knives on Japanese water stone and so he could d this for you so you come back to a full set of beautifully sharp knives! He is 99% vegan when outside of our home but 100% vegan inside our home. There will be no animal products brought into your home and all cooking would be vegan as it is at our house.

I look forward to hearing from you

Would like to sit in:

  • Australia, Victoria,
Preferred length of sit:
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