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Tomas – ⭐We are a Very Special, Reliable, Loving, Responsible, Experienced and Mature Couple that will give that Special TLC to your Pets and Home ⭐
Companion animal care experience
Dog, Cat, Fish, Birds
Will sit non-vegetarian companion animals
Wish to bring our own companion animal
Vegan / Vegetarian
Willing to do gardening

Hello dear House Owner,

thanks for reading our profile and we look forward to be the trusted house/pet sitting couple you are looking for.

Please, visit our personal housesitting website with all the updated information about us:

WHERE ARE WE NOW: ♥ We are in the South Island from Dec. 3rd until April 2018.
We will be in Australia next year (2018) from April to December. We are booked in Sydney, Canberra and Adelaide. We are looking forward to house/pet sit in any other parts of Australia. We will be in Europe from July 22nd-Sept. 6th 2018. Please contact us if you have a loving home/fur baby/ies and would love to receive our love and care for those while you are away! ♥

WHAT CAN WE DO: ♥ Hello, Hola, Hej, Kiora Ora! ♥ WE LOVE LANGUAGES: can speak English, Spanish, Danish, German, a bit Korean and Chinese, and understand the latin languages as well. We also understand ANIMAL COMMUNICATION. We are very observant of body language and can feel all kinds of PET needs and act accordingly. We love to walk your dog, administer meds if needed, let them rest and sleep, feed them following your routines, bring them to the vet, brush/wash them, play and entertain them until they say “enough” 🙂
Your Home is in good hands with us, therefore when you travel you can feel assured that it is taken well care of. We are good at keeping things in order, cleaning spaces, we have basic garden working skills, we will collect and receive your mail, take your bins in/out, and we will be able to find practical solutions to daily situations.
We have clean criminal records and international driver license history and would be able to drive on all the sides of the roads. 🙂 We have been trusted by all our house sitters to drive their cars while they are away and have kept them clean and return them filled with petrol and in superb condition!!! Please add as to your car’s insurance, we will be extremely carefully drivers and will use the car with common sense.

WHO ARE WE: Cris & Tomas a loving, warm, tidy, respectful and adventurous European married couple willing to share our life, warmth, joy and time at your home with your loved ones. We are healthy, trustworthy, loyal, flexible, open-minded, faithful, responsible, deeply caring, highly organized, clean, energetic, fun, loving, sensitive people. We are mainly vegetarian, and we are non-smokers/non-drinkers. We are experienced world travelers and we look forward to continue exploring new communities, ways of living and making friends all around the world. We are experienced international house sitters who have also been living in homes provided by international schools as well as our own.

HOW DO WE HOUSESIT: We spend lots of quality time at home with your pets while we write, create new ideas, cook, listen to music and caress/play with your fur babies BIG TIME 🙂 We would like to let you know that your pets will be treated like queens/kings and that they most likely receive more attention from us, due to the fact that they are our focus while we live in your home. We have seen so many positive changes in the pets we took care of, and it is clearly due to the fact that they received all our love and attention.

Why we want to house sit?

Housesitting is a wonderful way to express trust, care, love and commitment between home owners, house sitters and pets. It creates an amazing positive energy and it allows both home owners and house sitters an incredible opportunity to see life from other eyes, to find new ways and meaning, and to form friendships. Every time a home door is open to invite newcommers, there are thousand experiences for growth, joy and love.

As frequent international travelers, we are aware of the somehow challenging emotions one can feel when leaving the loved ones behind for longer periods of time. Cris still remember crying as she handed her Nannah to her mum the day she was leaving to teach thousands of miles away from home in Spain. So, when we meet you, you can rest assured that we will understand the situation fully, and we will offer you comfort and peace of mind, so that you can go on your travels totally carefree.

We are both very spiritual souls, and we have been holding space in the form of healing workshops and sessions around the world. You can see our previous healing workshops and sessions around the world in here:

We live working as nomad therapists, writers and teachers using the advantages of our digital era. We offer on-line sessions, to support people around the world to find their own dreams, and to feel inspired to follow them. In order to do so, we need some powerful quiet time off, where we can dedicate ourselves to create a new website, continue working on our never finished written books, composing new music pieces for our meditations, and so on.

We look forward to meeting you in real life and to get to know how you live your life and learn from you and your loving pets while we care for them. In exchange, you will experience our loving energy and who knows, maybe we create a nice everlasting friendship.

Our experience

Tomas has been the owner of 2 beautifully big Irish Wolfhounds and is aware of what it takes to really care for dogs. We have both had cats. Cris have been living with more than 15 cats during her life: stray, adopted, borrowed, neighbor cats, etc. Each cat is different, but they all love you letting them be, while at the same time they are eager to receive the right amount of attention and care. Cris uses her intuition to communicate with them. We get in tune and have fun with one another.

Since 2003 we have been living abroad working at international schools and universities in Spain, United States, Trinidad & Tobago, Denmark and South Korea, we have always been provided with housing, so we are used to take care of other people’s homes, and to make sure that everything is clean and well maintained. Tomas is very handy, and Cris love to organize the living space, and we are good at keeping things in good shape. Together we are a great team, and we will keep your home in order always! Just give us specific details about how you want things in your home, so that we are aware of your needs.

We have been living in New Zealand for almost 5 months now and have already been taken good care of beautiful homes: bachs, studios, apartments, farms, homestead and luxury homes. Gardens, veggie patches, pools, hot tubs, mail collection, bins…and these beauties who will remain in our hearts as our own family for ever:

Olivia the cat, Shirin, the cat, 1 month
Gomez, the dog & Hawthorne – 2 weeks
Sage the dog- 2 months and a half
Dikkie Dik, the cat – 2 weeks
Kishee the dog & Nisky the cat- 1 weekend
Mack the dog & Ghillie the dog & -4 days
Merlin the dog – (R.I.P.) 2 weeks
Minnie the dog & Archie the cat – 1 weekend
Sbara & Belle, the border terrier sisters – 1 week
Tawney, the dog, Phiphi & Gus the cats – 3 weeks

We are present in several housesitting websites and we can provide reviews from previous happy house owners.


♥A reliable and fast Internet connection so that we can work from home and communicate with our families and friends which live in very different parts of the world.
♥ A comfy bed to rest our bodies after our energetic daily walks with your pet/s exploring the parks, beaches, mountains, and maybe towns.
♥A healthy, clean and warm/climatized environment, where we can feel comfy and keep it the same way or cleaner for your return. We do spend a fair amount of our time/energy in your home -as responsible house sitters- and feeling comfortable is therefore a must.
♥We are happy walking and using public transport where available. If your home is in a remote/bit isolated area, and you are anyway leaving your car parked, it would be nice to be able to use it. We will be treating it with all our care and respect as we treat ours. Keeping it clean, using the best/right fuel and driving it carefully and respectfully as we would drive our own. Please add as to your car’s insurance if needed in your country.
♥ We appreciate those house owners who care for our wellbeing and share with us, important house details, contact information and house/pet routines on a written paper or e-mails are always welcome 🙂

Contact us if you feel we are a good match 🙂 Don’t wait too long or we might be gone 🙂
Warm Regards,
Cris & Tomas
(¯` ´¯). *
`*.¸.* ´ * `*.¸.* ´* We love to care * ´¯`•.¸¸.

Would like to sit in:

  • New Zealand,
  • Australia,
  • Spain,
  • Denmark,
  • Philippines,
  • Finland,
  • Norway, France,
  • Iceland, Italy,
  • United Kingdom,
  • Portugal,
  • Ireland,
Preferred length of sit:
Min 2 Weeks

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