Step-by-step Guide – House Swap

  1. Plan ahead – give yourself plenty of time to find the right swap, and be flexible on dates and destinations if you can.
  2. Browse the listings of available swaps and register with Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap to list your property.
  3. Make sure you load clear photos of your home, and any companion animals that need to be cared for during the swap.
  4. Write a detailed description of your home, nearby facilities and attractions, and what is expected of the people swapping houses with you. See our ‘Writing a Great Listing‘ tips.
  5. Once you are registered you can get in touch with other registered house swappers direct, or wait to be contacted.
  6. Look out for our fortnightly newsletter listing newly registered swap opportunities.
  7. Once you find someone who is interested in swapping with you, get to know them – exchange messages via the site’s internal messaging system intially to protect your privay. When you are ready to go further, exchange names and direct email addresses or phone numbers. Talk on the phone, Skype or video phone so that you can ‘meet’ them in advance.
  8. Provide and ask to see a police check, or reference from previous swaps or rental accommodation. If this is your or their first time, provide/obtain work references and call the workplaces to verify the information given. Ask to see a utilities bill with the name and address of the person you are swapping with to verify their identity.
  9. Provide clear dot point written instructions on caring for animals and garden, and go over by phone. Depending on travel arrangements, you may not be able to meet face-to-face, especially if this is a direct swap.
  10. If you would like to, you can make a written agreement between both parties. This way there is a common understanding of the responsibilities of both parties. This can include, particularly for longer term sits or swaps, who is responsible for utilities bills and responsibilities if you are swapping a car. See our FAQ for more information.
  11. Can’t match dates exactly? If there are companion animals involved, you may need to ask a friend or neighbour to feed them for a day or two until the swappers arrive. You also may need to ask a neighbour to hand over keys to the property on your behalf.