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House Sit Available

An artsy home in the jungle
House TypeHouse
House SettingRural
Beds Available1
Vehicle Exchange AvailableOffered
Children OkNo
Garden Care RequiredYes
Preferred Vegan/vegetarianVegan
Companions at HouseNone
Non-vegetarian companion at HouseNo

We’ve just recently built a beautiful 1 level, 2 bedroom home in the jungles of Chiang Mai, Thailand that needs caring for for quite a few months. The house is located about 35 minutes from downtown Chiang Mai. We are in a village called Ban Talad Khilek. Our house is on 3 acres of land that we share with a friend, but there is quite a bit of space ensuring privacy when you want it.

We have wifi, and a scooter for you to use, but it can not leave Doi Saket. Doi saket is the larger town outside of ban talad khilek where there is a local market for all of your fresh fruit, veg, and tofu needs. There is also a western grocery store on the superhighway. You can either hop in with Jodi as she visits once a week, or if you feel comfortable on the scooter, you could head there on your own.
From doi saket, you can take a truck taxi (song taew) into town for 18 baht. With saying that, we do expect you to be in the house, and on the land most of the time, as there is some work to do in exchange for a free house sit in Thailand.

We are looking for sitters for the last 2 weeks of June, and August. From June to about October it is the wet season. It rains quite a bit, and so everything around us grows rapidly. We would need our sitters to commit to about 10 to 15 hours of work per week. This would mostly include cutting weeds, and grass, and keeping the trail behind our house that leads to our powerline and well clear. We also need some plants watered, and general maintenance of the house. Jodi, will also be involved with keeping up with land work.

We have a very large deck (large enough for yoga) with a beautiful view and a small, but cosy interior. Our home was built with refurbished teakwood from an old Thai house that we purchased. We sanded, and painted several different doors, and shutters throughout the house, and also designed our inside wall made from old wood shutters and doors. We think you’ll like it 🙂

We have several different kinds of insects, arachnids, and reptiles living among us, so if you have a phobia of any of the 3, this may not be the housesit for you. Your room is very comfortable, and equipped with a queen size bed, a clothing rack, books if you care to read, and a good mosquito net.

We have electric, hot water, a refrigerator, blender, a stove top, rice cooker, convection oven, and a washing machine.
There are quite a few things to do in the area, including visiting the local Buddhist temple on the mountain top, Hot Springs, natural caves, and a few different swimming pools to choose from.

Things don’t always go according to plan out in the wild, so we do prefer someone (or a couple) who is handy, self-sufficient, hard-working, and has problem solving skills.

We are surrounded by jungle, and the calming sounds of nature. If you are looking for a party house, this is not the place for you.

We have much more information to share, but we will stop here. If this description has interested you thus far, you can contact us and we can answer any further questions you may have.

Thailand, Ban Talad Khilek, Chiang Mai, N/a
From – June 1, 2019
To – August 31, 2019
Flexible Dates – Yes

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