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House Sit Available

Relaxing farm animal sanctuary with views of the Macedon Ranges
House TypeHouse
House SettingRural
Beds Available2
Vehicle Exchange AvailableNone
Children OkNo
Garden Care RequiredNo
Preferred Vegan/vegetarianVegan
Companions at HouseDog, Birds, Cows, Sheep
Non-vegetarian companion at HouseNo

We run a rescued farm animal sanctuary in the beautiful Macedon Ranges, one hour’s drive from Melbourne. We take care of 1 dog, 4 cows, 6 sheep and 5 chickens.

One the house we have a large solar energy system (25 panels) which powers most of our energy usage. We have a wood fired heater, as well as a split system and some panel heaters, as it does get quite cold here in winter. You will have access to WiFi, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, two TVs, and other appliances, as well as wood for the fire. It is a 4 bedroom house, but two of these bedrooms are home offices so you would have access to the spare bedroom with a queen bed and the spare bathroom (with a bath and a shower) as well as a separate toilet.

We are a 5 minute drive into the town of Kyneton, which has a lot of shops including a Woolworths and an IGA, as well as some vegan friendly cafes and restaurants.

About you: We are looking for a single person or a couple. There will be some chores required in regards to the animals. The chickens need to be let out of their coop and into their fox-proof enclosure every morning when the sun rises, and then locked back in their coop when the sun is setting. They also have a feeding regime which is easy but will need explaining. The sheep will need to be fed once or twice a day (TBC) but again we will explain how this works. The cows eat from a large round hay bale and they get through one bale per week, so a new bale will need to be rolled out at least once and possibly twice during your stay. Therefore we need two quite healthy and strong people to be able to manage this as it weighs A LOT and the rolling distance could be about 100 metres, although we are trying to work out something easier.

We run a fully vegan household, so we are looking for mature and responsible vegans who are comfortable in a rural setting and who will be home quite a lot (not working or studying in Melbourne, etc). This house sit would suit a retired couple who are fit and active and who are also interested in interacting with the animals, who are all very friendly. You will need your own car to get around.

We would like to spend some time with you ahead of the house sit to make sure we are all comfortable with the arrangement.

Australia, Victoria, Kyneton, MacDonald Court
From – August 17, 2018
To – September 1, 2018
Flexible Dates – No

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