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Get lots of cuddles in easy going Souburg
House TypeHouse
House SettingSuburban
Beds Available1
Vehicle Exchange AvailableOffered
Children OkNo
Garden Care RequiredNo
Preferred Vegan/vegetarianVegan
Companions at HouseDog, Cat, Horses
Non-vegetarian companion at HouseYes

I am looking for a housesitter to look after my dear animals whilst I am on vacation.
There is Java, the dog. She is 13 and just very wise. She is the sweetest ever but having been a stray in her younger years she will always be independent. Don’t expect if you visit our beautiful dunes or beach with her, that she will pay attention to you. No, she looks around, pays attention to everything in the world and loves your companionship, but if you throw a stick for her you can get it yourself. You don’t just walk her. You walk together. Java has no complications, gets along with everyone (human, dog, cat, other animal) and I assure you you will love her.

There are 4 cats;
Gollem. The oldest, aged 16. Christmas brought him the diagnosis kidneyfailure. He has dietfood and that is really important! He is polite and sweet and has the cutest catpaws in the world.
Spinner is a big and beautiful lady who is very sweet but not the brightest. Easy to play with, easy to get along with.
Loesje is so soft! Her fur feels like a bunny. She can be a bit weird but she is funny and loves to play and cuddle. Just don’t do it wrong because she will give you “the look” and act like you are horrible. To be back in 2 minutes, purring on your lap. Loesje has an auto-immunedisease that requires that she gets a pill every other evening.
Trouble is something special. Doesn’t really like other cats but adores Java and people. She is very intelligent and the boss over here. A couple of years she was in a horrible accident which thankfully did not take her life but it did take her tail and a leg. She is lovely.

Carlito is the horse and he is not much of a worry. There is a friend looking after him but you’ll need to visit him 2x a week and give him attention. No riding, just fun and cuddles. If you are not into horses please do let me know before so I can ask someone else to care for him. That will not be a problem or gamebreaker so do not hesitate!

The house is a terraced house in the town of Oost-Souburg, located between the (rather boring) Vlissingen and amazing, historical Middelburg. There is a LOT of beach not too far away and just lovely places to visit. If you are the one that will be here I will tell you everything I know, if you tell me what you like to see/do.
Souburg has 2 (big) groceryshops and a lot of other smaller shops. It is very accessible by public transport as well. It’s not rural/country, but peaceful. Just a town/small city, in an unique place on earth. (google “Walcheren” and take a look).

The house itself is easy in maintainance. Think like dishwasher, combiwave, washingmachine + dryer. For entertainment there is a tv downstairs, a Nintendo Wii, chromecast and of course you get to use Netflix. Your bedroom also has a tv but that is “stream only”. It has a chromecast so Netflix is available. There is WiFi available all over the house and the bathroom has a bath.

About myself: I am a 40 y/o vegan woman, recently quit working with people with mental disabilities. I still work in a gym as groupfitnessinstructor (if you like to work out: can be arranged!) and in april I will start to work parttime in the medical field. I recently started my study to become a dietician.

You are free to use my bike, electric scooter and car (if you are allowed and safe/comfortable driving on the right side of the road and stick shift).

About drugs: it’s a no. No cannabis or other crap.

I am looking forward to hear from you. Both couples and solo travelers are welcome, I prefer solo though. 100% LGBT-friendly; I honestly don’t care. Vegetarians welcome but are expected to live vegan over here.

And about the dates: I will leave the 5th (or the 6th in the middle of the night) but want to ask you to come a few days earlier so I can show you the routines of the animals and increase my own feeling of comfort because I get to know you a little better. I stated my dates as flexible, not because I am, but because you can be. You are welcome to arrive a before or stay a little longer.

The last 2 times I had housesitters via Workaway. You can find reviews there and if you want to talk to one of the former housesitters: no problem 🙂

Netherlands, Zeeland, Oost-Souburg, IJsselstraat
From – March 5, 2018
To – March 23, 2018
Flexible Dates – Yes

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