Fee Schedule

All 12 month Memberships are currently FREE!

All membership types will be free whilst we build the site to a critical mass of members that will make the site work well for everyone.

Once we reach that point, we will ask for member feedback before introducing a fee structure. All free memberships commenced before we reach that point are for 12 months.

Why do we need to charge at all?

Websites of this level of complexity are expensive to develop, and to maintain and host, not to mention a huge time commitment. While it would be wonderful to run this website as a community service for the vegan and vegetarian communities, we are a family run site and we will need to at least recover our costs at some point.

We have made a leap of faith in commencing this project – our aim is to make enough income to continue to provide feed and veterinary care for our rescued animal friends that currently number 21. We hope you can support us!