Cruising Vegan Style!

Promenade deck on a cruise ship

Vegan travel is certainly taking off as a ‘thing’, with more and more options available all the time. Something that is starting to open up now for vegans is cruises. Vegetarians have been reasonably well catered for, but until now it has been tricky for vegans to get on board. Below are some all-vegan cruises to set you happily afloat, and some tips for travel on mainstream cruises.

All-Vegan Cruises

Holistic Holiday at Sea – These guys have been around for a while now, and their next cruise departs on the 15th of February, 2018 with their 15th anniversary sailing. They offer a “body pampering, relaxing, and educational vacation”, with a 10 night cruise around the Caribbean. The cruise features lecturers and classes in nutrition, cooking, exercise, yoga, and integrative medicine. Some of the biggest names in vegan nutrition usually present. It is not all talks and classes though, there are plenty of shore excursions and opportunities to swim and snorkel. All vegan natural food menu!  Facebook

Raw Vegan Cruise – This cruise claims to be the first raw vegan cruise in history, and the first one was in 2016. Waiting list now open for the 2018 cruise. The cruise will set off around the Croatia and the Mediterranean. It features daily yoga, mind empowering workshops and food making demos with a raw vegan expert, swimming and sight seeing.

Vegan River Cruises – This company has a  number of cruises coming up in 2017 and 2018. Cruise the South of France, try a New Years Eve cruise through Portugal and Spain, or a Budapest round trip – what fun! All vegan detail, down to the toiletries provided in the cabins. Facebook

Vegan Cruise Planners – They have two Vegan Vacations at Sea planned for 2018 – these are special vegan groups planned on standard Holland America cruises. Try the Glacier Discovery Northbound in June, or the Mediterranian Mosiac in October. They feature an exclusive vegan menu, vegan shore excursions and private vegan parties. Facebook

Vegan Cruise - Vegan Cruise Planners

Mainstream Cruises

There are some reviews of vegan dining available on mainstream cruises on the internet. When we looked at cruise company websites however, none of them specifically mentioned providing vegan food. Tread with caution here – it would be no fun being all at sea and hungry! Some of the information you may find in online reviews is dated – if a company tried offering a vegan menu a few years back, and it didn’t get a big take up, they may not longer offer it. Ask lots of questions and get reassurances in writing from the cruise company before parting with your deposit $$ for mainstream cruises. You could use Vegan Cruise Planners to book your cruise to take away that hassle – they suggest talking to them about cruises you are interested in before booking so that they can ensure the cruise is vegan-friendly.

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