Why Use Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap?

We specialise in connecting vegans and vegetarians for house sits and house swaps. We are long-term vegans ourselves, and understand how important it is for ethical vegans and vegetarians to know that their companion animals are well cared for, and that their kitchen is not used to prepare animal-based foods.


We are the only house sit or swap business catering for the needs of vegans and vegetarians, and have designed this service to specifically meet those needs.

You can arrange both house sits and house swaps here on the one site! Sometimes you may like a house sitter, other times you may like to arrange a great value holiday by arranging a house swap.

House sitters can enjoy the financial and travel benefits of house sitting and experience the company of companion animals.

An added benefit is the ability to form friendships with like-minded people from different parts of your country, or the world, and get tips on where to find your favourite vego foods close to your house sit or swap from home-owners. As this website builds, we will have options for sits and swaps in many countries around the world

Find out more about the benefits of house sitting and swapping in our FAQ