We had a fantastic beach holiday on North Stradbroke Island in Queensland with two adorable jack russells to look after. At the same time their carer, Sarah, enjoyed bush walking and the cooler Tasmanian climate whilst staying in our home.  She did a wonderful job of looking after our menagerie, and we came home to relaxed animals, and a tidy house. We easily saved $1000 on accommodation. We also saved $60 per day, the cost to get someone to come in each day and feed and care for our animals at home.

C&K, Huon Valley, Tasmania


We’ve had the experience of allowing house sitters care for our home and animal family on several occasions, each time a wonderful experience. I have a crocheted vest, new garden beds, new friends, and most of all have enjoyed time away knowing that our home and animals are safe and happy, along with our housesitters having a nice holiday too. It’s safer, cheaper and better.

Theresa D, Tasmania


We were lucky enough to have a vegan mate house sit for us last year when we went to the mainland on a month long road trip. It was great knowing that not only was our cat being well cared for, but our kitchen and utensils were not being contaminated with dead animals, and our fridge didn’t turn into a makeshift morgue! Finding a house-sitter may not be so hard, but finding one to meet our vegan criteria can be very difficult.

Deeane, Hobart