Who Are We?

Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap is a start-up family operated business based in the island state of Tasmania, in Australia. We are a vegan family and have a small country property that provides a loving home for rescued non-human animals – 21 at last count!

We, Karen and Chris, have each trodden the vegan path for over 20 years, with Karen having been vegetarian before that from the age of 10.  Our children were lucky enough to be born into the vegan way of living.

We have always been activists, meeting via the campaign to end duck shooting in Victoria, Australia.  We have attended or organised many protest activities over the years to improve the lot of non-humans, and have spent many hours on information stalls, talking to the public, giving presentations, and baking vegan goods to give away.

We share our property with five ponies, two pigs, six sheep, three roosters, two rabbits, two dogs and a cat! All were rescues or needed rehoming. In the long term we hope that Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap will be able to generate enough income to pay for food and veterinary bills, and for one of us to be able to stay home to do the animal care and property maintenance required to make all residents happy! Watch out for snippets about our fur babies on our Facebook page.

It has always been difficult for us to take holidays. Finding people to house sit who will understand and care for our animal friends, and be prepared to make and consume only vegetarian meals in our kitchen, has always been a challenge. We have found very few vegan or vegetarian or people to sit for us, instead having to ask omnivore house sitters to be respectful of our beliefs whilst in our home and change the way they eat during their visit. We would prefer like-minded people in our home, and we are sure you would too!

We set up Kindred Spirits House Sit or Swap so that vegans and vegetarians can make the connections necessary to arrange fabulous house sit and swap holidays, with their kindred spirits.

Our Family