Travel Guides for Vegans & Vegetarians

With mainstream travel guides offering little more than a paragraph on where to find vegan or vegetarian food when travelling, it is necessary to do a bit of research to make sure you don’t go hungry. Below are links to some general guides to vegan and vegetarian travel to get you started.

  • PETA have some tips for travelling the world as a vegan.
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Travelling as a Vegan – from the Gentle World site.
  • 15 Tips for Easy Vegan Travel, guest blog on theplanetD, provides some great advice.
  • Vegan Travel is a community travel site, that connects blogs on vegan travel and has a number of travel guides for different countries, including accommodation and animal sanctuaries.
  • The Essential Vegan Travel Guide is a new book that you can purchase, filled with tips for finding good food, wherever your are travelling. Paper and Kindle versions available.
  • A collection of useful links for vegan travellers from the Circle Our Earth blog.
  • Let’s not forget Happy Cow! Find restaurants and veg-friendly accommodation all over the world.

Do you know of a great travel guide we could list here? Please let us know by making a comment below.

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